Global Business

As the business management world becomes more complex, competitive, and diverse, entering the International Business field presents a world of exciting opportunities.  Learn about international accounting, international economics, international finance, international marketing, international business policies, international business laws, and best practices. Study about business ethics, cultural ethics, trade regulations, and international managerial skills, which are essential for success in global market place. This program is offered at Arizona campus.

The field of Global Business is growing, especially in the management analysis field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment among management analysts is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations . Demand for the services of management analysts will grow as organizations continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and control costs.

Students with degrees in global or international business may find the landscape to be very competitive along with lucrative employment opportunities in government and private industry. 

With an international business degree, graduated students could work in a number of positions in many different industries. Some common job titles for global business degree holders include:

  • Management Analyst - Management analysts help to improve organizational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Companies who are interested in expanding have a particular need for management analysts who can offer advice on doing business in the global market place.
  • International Sales Representative - International sales representatives and managers contact potential clients in other countries to sell products and services. They may handle sales campaigns, sales contracts, and similar tasks.  
    • International Financial Analyst - An international financial analyst monitors and reports on finances for international operations. They may create budgets and assist with strategic planning.
  • Market Research Analyst - A market research director oversees marketing policies. They also help to research potential markets and plan marketing campaigns.
  • Interpreter - Many companies with broadening international ties needs interpreters and translators to help them do business. If a person is fluent in a foreign language and graduates with an international business degree, he/she could aid in communication in almost any foreign market.