Cyber Intelligence and Security

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Intelligence and Security is meant to create the leaders and managers in the field known as cyber security, information assurance, or network security. This is the area concerned with defending the access and acquisition to data, computer networks, and software against unauthorized users. In addition this degree program is meant to provide an introduction to areas such as computer forensics: the analysis of computer attacks and intrusions, information warfare: the computer and networks based methods which nation states employ as a form of war, and technical intelligence: the acquisition of knowledge about equipment and methods used by military and economic actors. This program is offered at the Arizona campus.

Career Areas

  • Information Warfare
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • Intelligence Services
  • Government Procurement Services
  • Network Security
  • Forensics
  • Law Enforcement
  • Information Security and Assurance
  • Anti-Terrorism


  • Military
  • Civilian Government Agencies
  • Banks and Financial
  • High-Tech Industry
  • National and State Law Enforcement
  • Aviation Industry
  • Fortune 500 Corporations

Career Development Strategies

  • Keep abreast of major events
  • Learn to work in teams
  • Develop strong communications skills
  • Seek out Co-op/Internship opportunities