Computational Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics is an applied mathematics program designed to prepare graduates to work in aerospace and related industries. Student will cover the necessary mathematical core materials to become an "expert in mathematics." Then, they will take several courses in computational methods which explore the process of solving applicable mathematical problems, by utilizing various computer programs. 

This program will prepare students for employment in a wide range of areas related to aerospace. In addition, this program will prepare students for graduate studies in fields ranging from advanced mathematics to physical sciences, or engineering and computer science. This program is offered at the Florida campus. 

Career Areas

  • Applied Research & Development
  • Business/Finance
  • Computer Systems Development
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Security & Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Statistics
  • Teaching
  • Weather Forecasting


  • Academia
  • Aerospace Firms
  • Business & Financial Organizations
  • Consulting
  • Federal Government
  • Federal Research Labs: Private Industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Scientific & Technical Companies

Career Development Strategies

  • Develop advanced analytical and problem solving skills
  • Enhance verbal and written communication skills
  • Further develop mathematical skills
  • Get involved with undergraduate research
  • Learn to work effectively in team settings
  • Seek out Co-op/Internship opportunities